About us

SportInvest Bodrum A.Ş. was established in 2020 with strong support of the Russian-Turkish Business Council under the principle of public-private partnership with the Municipality of Bodrum, the Bodrum Promotion Foundation BOTAV and a number of private investors.
Our company is based on the competencies of our founders and vast experience in the implementation and management of projects in the field of sports, tourism, organization of mass and cultural events. The management team of our company has tremendous experience and knowledge in solving problems of any complexity and is aimed at achieving and implementing the final result. At the moment, our company has launched a unique project "Bodrum Arena", which can be found in more detail on this website.
Russian-Turkish Business Council
The Russian-Turkish Business Council was established by the USSR Chamber of Commerce in 1988. The main goal of the Russian-Turkish Business Council is the comprehensive development and strengthening of business ties between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey. The Russian-Turkish Business Council is a member of the Mixed Russian-Turkish Intergovernmental Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation. The Russian-Turkish Business Council implements projects in the field of trade, construction and investment. Currently, the Chairman of the Russian-Turkish Business Council is Mr. Ahmet Palankoev, a prominent businessman and politician.
SportInvest Ltd
SportInvest company was founded in 1992 by a team of professionals. All our efforts are aimed at popularizing professional and amateur sports. SportInvest is: - a system of organizing and promoting the development of physical culture and sports, - popularization of a healthy lifestyle, - implementation of programs for the development of physical culture and sports, - organization and holding of world-class sports and entertainment events, - design, construction and operation of sports facilities. It is a Russian company, which is also the founder of the Turkish company "SportInvest Bodrum" A.Ş.